Cost Comparison

Creating and Managing a Fan Merchandise Store on your own 


FanFever doing it for you

Here's how you you can save a whopping 90% - 95% on cost of operations and inventory by working with FanFever

1. Cost of Operations:
a.  If you do it on your own – Rs. 20 lac (approx) per year.
b. FanFever Standard & Gold packages cost you Rs. 1.02 lac & Rs. 2.04 lac respectively per year.

That’s a saving of 95% and 90% respectively!

2. Cost of Inventory:
a. On your own, for a set of 14 assorted tshirts, 3 jackets/hoodies, 2 mugs and 1 tote bag, you would need to invest around Rs. 5-6 lac
Plus a ton of hassles related to production.
b. With FanFever’s Zero Inventory model, you invest only for the design development cost, which could be well below Rs. 50k.

That’s a saving of more than 90%!

Read full details below.

1a. Cost of Operations – On Your Own

1b. Operational Cost of getting all of these done through FanFever:

  • The services that have an * symbol in the previous table are covered in Gold. Everything else is covered in Standard.
  • Cost of FanFever is calculated for annual plan
  • This is just in the cost of operations. Cost of merchandise and inventory is not included in the above tables.

You save a whopping 90% – 95% on operations by working with FanFever! Ever heard of a deal like that?

2. Cost of Inventory & the hassle/effort of producing on your own

A comparison of the effort and the hassle that it would take to produce merchandise on your own v/s FanFever

Here’s the difference in investment you make for Merchandise On Your Own vs FanFever

Products considered for this calculation are all from the Zero Inventory Catalog only. Costs might be similar if you choose more committed products.

And you just saved yourself an unbelievable 93% in cost of inventory.

With FanFever, you'll always invest much lesser and earn a lot more.
That way, you focus on what you do best and FanFever takes care of the rest.